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Pinned Article OIT Bookings

This article provides links to campus bookings pages for OIT Technical Support Appointments.

Pinned Article Remote Desktop Connection Setup

The information listed will help with the setup and saving of your Remote Desktop Connection.

Adobe Software Overview

Adobe Article with general overview of Adobe purchasing, licensing, software, and setup.

How to access a separate email account

When trying to access an email resource through the web:
Sign into your @valenciacollege.edu email account through the outlook website (outlook.com)
After the sign in you'll need to click on the circle in the top right and select 'open another mailbox'
Enter the address of the mailbox you need to open.

Office.com: Applications Available

Applications that are Available through Office.com and Office.com/apps

Sending email from a resource account

Open Outlook.
Start new email draft.
Before you click send you should see a drop box with options of various addresses in the 'To' category to choose from.

TI SmartView Software Setup

This article outlines the installation/setup of the TI SmartView Software available to eligible Math Faculty members.