OIT Asset Intake/Disposal Process


Intake Process

  • Courier services receives equipment and notifies OIT to coordinate delivery to main warehouse on West Campus
  • OIT receives equipment and verifies quantities/equipment against Purchase Order
    • Refresh Computing Devices (laptops and desktops) are imported into TDX as 'Inventory'
    • Departmental Purchases are imported into TDX with a status of 'In Use' and the appropriate custodian of the device(s) is documented
      • Dept. devices are then sent to the appropriate custodian and/or dept. location
    • Peripheral equipment (monitors, keyboard/mouse, tablets, etc.) is tracked internally and treated as a consumable


  • Upon receiving/creating refresh tickets, OIT assigns a device to the custodian and updates the asset record to an 'In Use' status
  • The device is prepared and shipped to the appropriate campus destination where it is deployed and old device is collected
  • Classroom equipment is received/assigned to an OIT designated custodian

End of Life

  • Old device is is marked as 'Disposed' in TDX
  • Property control form for the asset is is sent to property management
  • The asset(s) are moved to the surplus area where it awaits pickup by 3rd party (Orlando Recycle)
  • Orlando Recycle is notified when the equipment has been inventoried and ready for pickup, their responsibilities include the following:
    • Responsible for the disposal of all equipment including peripherals and classroom technology 
    • Sanitize all data from the assets and provide a certificate
      • If the equipment is not damaged, they sell the item and Valencia receives a check back for a percentage of the sale(s)
      • If the equipment is damaged, they recycle the equipment in an environmentally safe manner


Asset Tracking - Exceptions

Assets used beyond OIT life cycle 

  • Instructional Use - Assets are marked as disposed in TDX and are re-purposed for an academic use within the college.
    • Tech Club
    • Academic IT

Employee Separation

  • When an employee leaves the College, the employee's supervisor fills out an ESF
  • HR contacts the supervisor to document college property the employee is assigned
  • The computing device is returned to the supervisor to be held for reassignment. 
  • The supervisor contacts OIT to update the asset record to reflect them as the interim custodian.

Employee Reassignment 

  • When an employee assumes a different role within the college, they are to take their laptop with them to their new role. The device from the assumed role will then be allocated to the previous role to ensure proper allocation of Valencia assets. 

Missing, Lost, or Stolen

  • OIT coordinates with custodian, their supervisor, and security to fill out necessary reports to document the incident
  • OIT updates the asset record to a 'Disposed' status with notes indicating the scenario
  • OIT allocates a new device for the custodian


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