Peripheral Equipment Guidelines

While working from home, employees may prefer to use other equipment with their laptops (loaned or assigned).  Valencia will allow you to use your monitor, keyboard and mouse permanently assigned from at work location.  We do ask that before you remove the equipment, that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Obtain the approval of your Dean, AVP, or VP to remove equipment from campus
  • Notify security prior to removal of said equipment
  • Remove the equipment yourself (without additional support)
  • Configure/set up the equipment in your home without additional support
  • Return all equipment on the first date we return to work on campus
  • Set your workstation up (without additional support) when you return to campus

OIT remains focused on provisioning and supporting systems.  Because these obligations are our priority, we will be unable to assist with the removal of systems from offices or be able to come to your home to help you set up and configure your systems.  Upon our eventual return to campus, we ask that you return the equipment and set up your equipment appropriately. 


Each laptop only can connect a single external monitor.  If you have a permanently assigned laptop with a docking station, it will be required to set up multiple monitors.  If you are using a loaned laptop, you can only connect one monitor.  We do not have docking stations to available to loan.

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