Remote Desktop Connection Setup

The information listed below will help with the setup and saving of your Remote Desktop Connection. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 407-582-5555 where any of our Technical Support Specialists will be happy to assist.

Finding the Host Name 
(Start at the Computer you’ll want to access e.g. Your Office Computer.)

1. Click on the start menu icon located in the lower left corner of your screen and select the “Settings”gear icon


2. Select the “Systems” option in the “Settings” menu.


3. Select “About” from the side bar on the left.


4. Copy down the “Full Device Name”


Setting Up Remote Access
(Start these steps at the PC you’ll be using while accessing your other computer.)

5. Click in the search bar next to the Start Menu. Type in “RDP”, you will see the “Remote Desktop Connection” application at the top. Select to open this application.


6. At the bottom left of the Remote Desktop Connection box click “Show Options”


7. If you use multiple monitors at the workstation you will remote into and you want to have full use of those monitors at your current station, then select the “Display” tab at the top. 


8. Return to the “General” tab by selecting it at the top. Under the “Login Settings” section and next to“Computer” place your “Full Device Name” that you copied down in step 4. Next to “User name”place your Atlas user name. Check mark the area that says “Allow me to save credentials”. Finally, click on “Save As”


9. You will want to select to save to your “Desktop” on the left Side Bar. Next to “File name” you can insert any name of your choosing. Make sure the “Save as type” is set to “Remote Desktop Files (*.RDP)”. Finally select “Save”.


Access Your Remote Connection

10. On your Desktop you will see the Remote Desktop Icon. Double click on that icon.


11. The first time you login to your remote session on your computer you will see a pop-up box populate asking if you’d like to still do a remote session even though the PC doesn’t recognize the publisher. You can click on the check box next to “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer”


12. Finally, you’ll receive a credentials box. After verifying your name, enter your “Password” and click to “Remember me” and click OK.


Congratulations, you have created, setup, and connected to your remote desktop!


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