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As an active employee of Valencia College, you have access to all of the Office 365 applications regardless of the campus you're on or if you're remote. The steps below outline how you may access your applications.


Step 1:

Open up the web browser and type in the address bar.

Step 2:

Click either of the "Sign-in" options on the screen (Center screen or the other one at the top right).  



If you have signed in before, you may be taken directly to the main office page.

If so, skip to that section by clicking here.  


If you have never set up MFA before, you will need to follow the instructions here.

If you encounter issues, you will need to contact your respective IT service desk.

Faculty / Staff IT Support: 407-582-5555

Student Atlas / IT Support: 407-582-5444


Step 3: 

If prompted, provide your Valencia email address. Type your Valencia email address as shown in the example below. 



Step 4: 

Enter your password. The screen should look similar to the option below. 



Step 5: 

You may also get an MFA prompt, as shown below. Check the box next to "Don't ask again for 14 days" and Confirm/approve the information using your MFA device. 



Step 6:

Ensure the box is selected and confirm "Yes" to complete the sign-in. 


Step 7:

Once signed in, you will be on the main screen for You can click the nine dots at the top left to see some of the most commonly used office applications available. You can select these by clicking on them directly. 


Step 8:

Click the "More Apps" option below on the same screen selection to see additional applications. 


This will show you all the available App options for


Note: You can also access this page by going to and bookmarking/favoriting it for ease of access in the future.  


enlightened Strongly Recommended: You should use Microsoft OneDrive to save and store your documents. This automatically provides a backup for your documents and makes them accessible from almost any device with an internet connection and a web browser.  enlightened




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