Project Management Office

Articles specific to OIT's Project Management Office and the management of projects.

Articles (5)

PMO SOP - Using TDX to Obtain Non-OIT Approvals for Project Documentation

This article provides an understanding of how to use TDX to obtain non-OIT approvals for project documentation.

Project Management Framework & Lifecycle

A high-level, summarized understanding of Valencia College’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) Project Management Framework & Lifecycle, as governed by the Project Management Office (PMO).

Project Management Fundamentals - Herding Cats & Controlling Chaos

The presentation provides an introduction to OIT's Project Management lifecycle and processes, and includes tips/tricks which can be used in work areas college-wide to manage various types of projects.

Project Management Practices & Methodology Overview (for employees and third-party consultants)

This article provides an understanding of the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT’s) project management practices and methodology.  The intended audience is internal employees and third-party consultants who are engaged as resources for PMO-managed projects. This a high-level, general overview only.  The practices provided here are subject to change, based on the needs of any given project.

Project Management Templates

Various templates utilized by OIT's Project Management Office are provided.