[PR] Social media accounts and guidelines

The Public Relations team manages the primary social media profiles for Valencia College. The PR team serves as the point of contact for any "college-related" social media accounts. Here is some important information and resources for college-related social media accounts.

Public Relations Contacts

Weekly News and Editorial call – Participate in the Weekly News and Editorial call, Monday’s at 11am. College communication teams (Public Relations and Organizational Communications) share important messages for the week ahead. This is an opportunity for business units of the college to share content and upcoming events with the communication teams so they can help broadcast important messages. To join the meeting, please contact Public Relations.

Brand Guidelines – information about the VC brand guidelines and details for colors, fonts, design examples, resources, branded Avatars, templates, and more can be found on the Brand Guidelines website: https://valenciacollege.edu/brand

Social Media Guidelines – Please review the college Social Media Guidelines. Community administrators must be prepared to escalate any issues and notify PR of any concerning posts, comments or behavior.

Marketing Request – college employees can Request Marketing Services or Web Services on the Brand Guidelines website https://valenciacollege.edu/marketingrequest

Avatars – Marketing can provide branded Avatars. There are a few styles and you can use the request form on the page to submit a marketing request.

Title IX and Equal Opportunity – If you are representing the college on social media, the same “rules” that apply to students and employees on campus, will apply in an online community. The Student Code of Conduct extends to our social media account, and social media moderators/admins are responsible to report any comments, behavior or concerns – just as you would if observed in a class or on campus.

Please review the Title IX website, the college discrimination, harassment and misconduct policy and how to report an incident.

Connect with the college’s Primary Brand Social Media Accounts – Remember to share posts, content and messages with the PR team in advance. They can help broadcast important messages and leverage the existing college social media accounts which already have thousands of followers.

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