[Web] PDF Files Not Showing in Google Chrome Browser

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There is an issue in some Google Chrome browsers that causes a PDF file to show up as blank or with a dark gray screen.  The PDF is showing the correct address and the browser extension shows the PDF title but, doesn't load the PDF. Please follow the steps below in order to correct this issue.  

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies.  
    • CTRL+H > Clear browsing data > Clear data
  2. Disable browser extensions to check for extension conflict.  Another way to do this is open an "incognito window" which has a similar affect.  If this works then there is a conflict with an extension.  
  3. Disable "Make searches and browsing better" - "Sends URLs of pages you visit to Google"
    1. Settings > You and Google > Sync and Google Services > Other Google Services > Make searches and browsing better > Disable
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