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This article is for web content editors of the CMS. 

Linking with the search button
If you are adding links to your pages please review these notes to help us prevent broken links on the website.  There are few ways to add a link on your page: copy/paste, type it in, and using the search button.  We recommend using the search button since this method adds a code that can be tracked by the CMS.  This tracking allows the CMS to give us a warning if we are moving or deleting a page that still links to this page.  With this information we can update or remove the links from those pages before we move or delete the page.  

Safe Links
Safe links are created when you email someone a link.  Safe Links and Safe Attachments are features of Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection which are designed to protect us from phishing attempts and malicious software. Safe Links works by analyzing any non-whitelisted links for known malicious sites.  It's important that you do not copy/paste these safe links since we know these links are not malicious.  The way to do this is to copy the link text and not the link itself if you are copying from an email.  

Please watch the video below for demonstrations.  

VIDEO: How to Help Prevent Broken Links

Publishing and Final Check
When you publish the page the CMS will scan your page for broken links.  If the scanner finds any broken links, they will be added to a list that you can check for details.  

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Click on the link results and  scroll down to where the broken links are.  If you see a "safe link" then it will appear as a broken link.  Please go back to edit mode and change this link to fix it.  If you find any other type of broken link, please fix those as well.  

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