[Mobile Device Support] Troubleshooting Valencia Email on your Apple device

Please Note: Valencia College does not provide support for configuration of cell phones, personal computers, or their applications. The following information is provided only as a matter of courtesy. OIT and Valencia College assume no liability for use or misuse of this information.

If you are unable to access your Valencia account, verify your Exchange configuration settings. To do this, click the Settings button on your homescreen.

Select Exchange from the list of email account types.

Select your Valencia account from the list as shown:

Ensure that your account settings match the server settings below.

Removing then Re-Adding your Account

If adding the Domain to your email settings does not fix the issue, it may be necessary to remove then re-add the account to your device. To remove your @valenciacollege.edu email address from your IOS device, open Settings from your homescreen.

In the Settings menu, open the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section on the right hand side.

Select Exchange from the list of email account types as shown:

Click the Delete Account button to remove the account from your device.

After confirming the deletion of the account, you will have the option to add an account to your device again. Click the Add Account button.

From the Add Account list, select Exchange as the account type.

The next screen will prompt you to enter your Valencia credentials. Enter your credentials as shown below with your Atlas password in the Password field.

The next screen will prompt for the server settings. Please use the server settings as defined below:


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