Updates to MFA Options Available

For those that do not currently use the Microsoft Authenticator app for multifactor authentication (MFA), Microsoft will soon begin prompting our students, faculty, and staff to improve their sign-in experience. The following details what these prompts will look like and how to complete the Authenticator app registration process.

  1. User successfully authenticates using Microsoft multifactor authentication.

  2. User sees prompt to set up the Authenticator app to improve their sign-in experience. Only users who are allowed for the Authenticator app push notifications and don't have it currently set up will see the prompt.

    User performs multifactor authentication

  3. User taps Next and steps through the Authenticator app setup.

    1. First download the app.
      User downloads Microsoft Authenticator

    2. See how to set up the Authenticator app.

      User sets up Microsoft Authenticator

    3. Scan the QR Code.

      User scans QR Code

    4. Approve the test notification.

      User approves the test notification

    5. Notification approved.

      Confirmation of approval

    6. Authenticator app is now successfully set up as the user's default sign-in method.

      Installation complete

  4. If a user wishes to not install the Authenticator app, they can tap Not now to snooze the prompt for up to 14 days, which can be set by an admin. Users with free and trial subscriptions can snooze the prompt up to three times.

    Snooze installation

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