Managing a Voice Mail Greeting in Microsoft Teams.

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1. Open a supported web browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, (in private or incognito mode). 

2. Browse to

3. Log in with the account username: and the assigned password. 

4. Once sign-in is complete, at the top right of the Teams application select the Ellipsis (three dots) and select Settings.

5. In the Settings window, select Calls and then Configure voicemail. 

6. Select Record a greeting if you wish to record an audio greeting OR use Text-to-speech customized greeting option if you wish to type in a written greeting. Note well, if you choose the latter option, ensure that the same text is written in Your custom greeting and Your custom out of office greeting fields. 

7. Once the greeting has been configured, select OK to save the final changes.

8. Log out of the Teams application.


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