How to Upload a file to Filelocker

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Uploading a File

  1. Click the Upload button, located in the upper-left of the screen, just below the FileLocker logo
  2. By default, the file expiration date is set 30 days into the future. This is the date the file will automatically delete from the system. If you would like the file to expire sooner, you may change the date in the "Expiration Date" box

  1. You may add notes about the file in the "Add Notes to File" box
  2. In "Other Options", the option to scan for viruses is already selected. The system will check your file for viruses prior to uploading
  3. Click the "Browse and Upload" box to select the file you'd like to upload to the system
  4. Once selected, the file will upload to FileLocker, and FileLocker will perform a quick virus scan and encrypt the file
  5. The file will now be listed under "Uploaded Files" on your FileLocker home screen
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Tue 6/16/20 12:31 PM