How to Access files in Filelocker

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Accessing Files

  1. Login to
  2. A file list will appear under "Files Shared with You", including the expiration date

  1. Click the blue down arrow to the right of the file
  2. A pop-up area will appear allowing you to see the sender. You can read any notes by clicking on "View File Notes"
  3. Click the "Download This File" button
  4. On Windows, you should get a pop up window that allows you to save the file to your machine. You can choose to open it with an application or click "Save File" to download it. It will save it in the default Download file specified by your browser
  5. If you are on a Mac, the file may automatically go to your download folder
  6. Once downloaded, the file may have several days to expire and disappear from your "Files Shared with You" area. You can right click on the blue arrow to the right and "Hide This Share". It should disappear from your active list.


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