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Engage is the Student Development activities calendar https://valenciacollege.edu/engage


This article is to address how to handle a call that involves issue/questions with the Engage website: https://valenciacollege.edu/engage

This is a cloud based system supported by the vendor and does not currently have a designated, internal functional tech. 

1. If it is a functional question on how to use the tool or a user needs access, contact Student Development, and the ticket can be closed.

2. For an update to the look of an item on the website, it should be routed to web services: Request Web Services Help

3. For an issue with data being refreshed, please route to EAS/Irving. 

4. If it is a non-specific technical issue the ticket should be routed to EAS. 

5. If the site is down or EAS was not able to assist or triage to another team for assistance, please open a ticket. 

6. Duplicate Accounts – If you ever see a user with two accounts, the process is the same: 

  1. Review each account to see if either has any "history": Memberships, Event Attendances, etc.
  2. Archive the account that is "least" accurate to the user's history. 
  3. If the remaining account does not have the user's correct Username, let us know what it is and what it needs to be and we'll swap it.
  4. You can then manually add any missing Memberships or Path items. 

 7. Campus Labs support: support@campuslabs.com or (716) 270-0000

** Please find the SLA information attached to aid when involving the vendor. 



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