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Helpful tips for using the Localist college-wide events calendar https://valenciacollege.edu/events


Helpful tips for using the Localist college-wide events calendar.

User Access
Valencia College students and employees should sign-in using your SSO credentials. 

Log In

  • Log in with your Valencia College credentials (Atlas username/password)
  • Choose "Log in with School ID" (red button)
  • The first time you login, the system will generate a user account for you.
  • Then, notify an admin to update permissions to allow the user to manage events in individual categories.

Need to edit existing events?
First, you will need to login. The first time you login the system will create your account. After your account is created, we can provide access to edit events.

To create a new event

  • Click the button “Submit an Event
  • Add as much detail as you can
  • Empty fields will not display to the public (on the front end)
  • Required fields – Event Title, Location and Date are required
    • Place – start typing the campus location then select from the preloaded options
    • Campus – You must choose a campus
    • Group – choose as many groups that apply to the event

Best Practices

  • Ensure correct spelling – it’s encouraged to ask someone else to proof the submission prior to hitting ‘Submit Event’
  • Attention to detail – double check your day, date, time, and place; especially if copying and pasting
  • Description – best practice = descriptions (and images) should be the same/consistent across all platforms (Engage, Calendar, etc.) in order to minimize any confusion that something is the same event and not a different one
  • Event Website – Engage link or link to external web page can go here
  • Filters – under each filter type choose the appropriate filters (think of these as "categories")


  • Recommended image size is 1000px W x 600px H (or larger)
  • Images should be horizontal orientation – the bigger the better, the system will resize it
    • The system will automatically size the image to fit different display viewpoints. After uploading an image, the user has the option to scale and crop the visible area of an image (the part of the image that will be displayed). 
  • Rectangular photos will translate better than square photos in Localist
  • Use non-text-heavy photos as there are multiple viewpoints they’ll be referenced
  • If you must use text-heavy photos, aim for the text to be as close to the center of the image as possible.
  • Aim for photos without too much white space for a better end-look



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