Processing Below "C" Notifications


Important Note: Valencia policy on Grades (Progress) (6Hx28:05-11) states that students making below a "C" at or about mid-session shall be so informed. One option for faculty is to post the students' midterm grades in Atlas. You may choose to do this for only those students who have below a "C" grade or for all of the students in your class. Please notify your students if you are posting their grades in the Midterm grades in Atlas. Directions for students to view grades are also included below.

  1. Log in to Atlas.
  2. Go to the Faculty tab, then click on Faculty and Advisor Services.
  3. Click on Midterm Grades.
  4. Select the Term, then click Submit.
  5. Select the CRN, then click Submit .
  6. Your class list will appear. Select the midterm grade you wish to assign each student.
  7. Click Submit Grades.

How Do Students Check Their Midterm Grades?

Note: Make sure to remind students to check their midterm grades. Students can view their midterm grades as follows.

  1. Access Atlas.
  2. Select Courses tab > Registration channel > Registration Drop Down > Transcripts, Grades & Holds.
  3. Click on Student Records.
  4. Click on Midterm Grades.

Sending an Interim Progress Notification

See this FAQ

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