Withdrawing a Student Still Registered

Sign into ATLAS


Click on the Faculty tab,


Then on Faculty Services,


Then on Final/Midterm Grades,


You will see all the courses you have taught in the past as well as the courses you are currently teaching. Make sure you select the “Final Grades” tab in the upper portion of the page. You can sort the course information on this screen by clicking on the arrows in the gray heading.

Select the course CRN, you will now see the students enrolled in this course.


Verify the “W” grade has been entered into the “Final Grade” column and not the “Midterm Grade” column. Enter a “Last Day of Attendance” at the same time you are entering a “Final Grade” of “W.”


Once you save, you should see the following message on the top-right corner of the screen.


NOTE: If you have entered a final grade of “W” and a Last Date of Attendance and the system has not withdrawn the student from your course within 15 minutes after saving please send an email to atlashelp@valenciacollege.edu.

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