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Valencia College is a member of the Educational Advisory Board's (EAB) Student Success Collaborative comprised of more than 500 colleges and universities across the country working together to improve student outcomes and the student experience. EAB created Navigate, a SaaS CRM used in the Title V East Campus Pilot to link administrators, faculty, and advisors in a coordinated care network to support students from enrollment to graduation. Key Valencia user groups participating in the pilot are East Campus advising, Faculty Mentors, CARE Faculty, and CARE Coaches.

Site URL: https://valenciacollege.campus.eab.com

Support Requests
1. Assign ALL support requests to OIT Functional Tech, Adiaak Gavarrete (agavarrete@valenciacollege.edu). Adiaak is responsible for all aspects of EAB Navigate (primary point of contact and liaison between Valencia and EAB).
2. If Adiaak is not available, support requests may be emailed to NavigateTechSupport@eab.com or via the Submit a Ticket feature inside the application (click the mark at the top right of the application screen, then click Submit a Ticket; only Application Administrators can submit tickets).
3. Response SLA: One business day critical classification response, typically around 2-hour response during business hours. For non-business hours, 4 to 5-hour response.
4. Requesting Categories or Configuration Changes: You should request no more than 5 categories per quarter (per EAB guidelines).

Valencia OIT Application Administrator
Adiaak Gavarrete

Application Authentication
EAB Navigate access is configured for SSO. If the CAS authentication service is not available, Adiaak Gavarrete with OIT is able to sign into the app bypassing SSO to change configuration if needed.

How-To User Guides (written by Adiaak)
User Guide for Advisors: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q45KCmgA-54Be_hC8QlgGdlabGeE7ueo/view
User Guide for Faculty Mentors: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WPmvIB_RWvUWpm5ZHCHFU8MKj9Niy5dQ/view
User Guide for CARE Faculty: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iSNWDB5FZ-AgySO0kwMlgY0tLvW8kbDg/view
User Guide for CARE Coaches: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aYYqWGP3A5CPZN3ksDmPMbL-s-0nxzuE/view



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