Sunapsis/myISS Support


This article addresses how to handle a call that involves issues/questions with the myISS system and student facing information page.This system is hosted on site.

The following are currently the designated system admins and functional experts:

  • Jefferson Crutchfield
  • Ariel Ortiz
  • Anderson Perez


  •  If it is a functional question on how to use the tool or a user needs access, the caller should reach out directly to one of the system admins via email. 
  • If it is an issue with the student facing information/landing page, please assign ticket to web services
  • For all other technical issues, please reach out to an admin directly. They will assess if OIT support is needed and if so, will submit a Samanage ticket that should be assigned to EAS. 
  • If needed, EAS should work with the named sys admins to open a ticket with Sunapsis per the attached run book.

For more urgent issues:

Submit a Samanage ticket and assign to EAS.

Attached is the Sunapsis/myISS run book. Please refer to it as needed. 



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