How to Obtain Webpage Content Editing Capabilities


  1.   Complete the CMS Content Editor Basic User online course within Valencia EDGE

            a.   Click the above link and log into Atlas to be taken to the course page in the EDGE.

            b.   Click 'Request to Enroll in the Course', then click “Launch" on your Transcript page to complete.


    2.    Complete a Webpage Content Editing Access request within OIT's ticketing system.

            a.   Click the above link and log in using your email & password to be taken to the access request page shown below.

            b.   Complete the prompts, then click 'Request Item'.

  • If editing capabilities are being requested for multiple webpages having multiple owners, it will be necessary to submit separate access requests for each owner's approval.




  •   Upon receipt of the Webpage Content Editing Access request, OIT will contact the Webpage's Owner to obtain approval to grant access to the requestor.


  •   Once approval is received, OIT will set-up the user's account within the OUCampus Content Management System (CMS) and notify the requestor when access is ready.  The notification will include instructions for logging into the CMS), as well as links to various types of helpful resources.



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