[Microsoft Deployment Toolkit] Troubleshooting Imaging Errors


Issue: After Booting from USB, Error Appears Stating: "DHCP Lease was not obtained for any networking device!"

  1. Check to make sure the PC is connected via wired Ethernet connection and a link is established. 
  2. Press F8 to open a command prompt window and run the command ipconfig to verify the PC has an IP address assigned via DHCP.
  3. If the ipconfig output is blank, the MDT boot image may not have a network driver suitable for that device. Create a Samanage incident and assign to Wes Sondermann and include the make and model of the device to have an updated boot image generated with a suitable driver.

Issue: "Access is Denied" Appears While Logging In

  1. Ensure that the username, password, and domain fields are correct and that your AD account is not locked. (The domain field can be either LOCALVALENCIA or local.valenciacc.edu).
  2. Assign a new Samanage incident to Wes Sondermann to have access to MDT added to your account.

Issue: Task Sequence Wizard Does Not Start and PC Reboots Automatically After Logging In

  1. Boot PC from the MDT USB drive. Press F8 to open a command prompt window when the gray background appears.
  2. Run the following commands:
    rmdir C:\MININT /s /q
    rmdir C:\_SMSTaskSequence /s /q
    (Note: In Windows PE, the internal hard drive may be assigned a different letter than "C").
  3. Close the command prompt window and allow the system to reboot again. Boot the system again using the MDT USB drive.
  4. If the issue persists, the service tag for that PC may be present in the deployment database and a rule in the database is preventing the MDT wizard from running. Create a Samanage incident and assign to Wes Sondermann to resolve.

Issue: After OS Image is Applied, Task Sequence Wizard Page Reappears

  • Ensure that the system was booted with an MDT USB drive with the most up-to-date version of the boot image.

Misc. Issues Involving Slow Deployment Times and Errors Displayed on the Summary Screen:

  • Create a new Samanage incident and assign to Wes Sondermann to investigate and resolve issues. Include the service tag and/or hostname of the device in question as well as a detailed description of the problem encountered.



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