[Microsoft Deployment Toolkit] Imaging Instructions


Summary: The following instructions detail how to image a device using MDT, as well as walks through a typical task sequence and expected behavior.

Applying a Standard Faculty/Staff Image to a PC:

  1. (Dell systems only) Power on the PC and enter BIOS setup (press F2 when the Dell logo appears on-screen).
  2. Ensure that these BIOS settings are configured for the following values:
    Boot Sequence -> Boot Mode: UEFI
    Advanced Boot Options -> Enable Legacy Option ROMs: Unchecked
    Security -> Secure Boot: Enabled
    Security -> TPM: Set to On and Enabled
  3. Exit and save BIOS settings.
  4. (Dell systems): Press F12 while the Dell logo is on-screen to display boot device menu, then select the USB entry under UEFI.
    (Microsoft Surface systems): Insert USB drive, press and hold Vol Up and power on Surface to boot from USB.
  5. Windows PE will boot from the USB drive and the MDT wizard will start after about 10-15 seconds. Select the option "Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new Operating System."
  6. Login with your domain credentials.
  7. The wizard will contact a deployment database to process and apply rules specific to the device being imaged, and will display the Task Sequence selection page. In the Image Computer group, select the task sequence appropriate for the PC being imaged. Task sequences are named based on fund type (academic, non-academic and grant funded), target demographic (faculty/staff or student), and OS.
  8. Click Next. The Applications page will appear; select any additional applications that should be installed. Core applications are selected by default--mandatory applications are required to be installed for compliance reasons and cannot be unchecked.
  9. Click Next.

From this point on, the imaging task sequence will run automated and no further steps should be required until completion. Following is a list describing the order of the steps the task sequence will perform:

  • Gather rules and process settings
  • Download drivers specific to the model of the PC being imaged
  • Apply operating system image
  • Restart computer
  • Boot to Windows and run first-time setup (at this point, drivers are installed and the PC is joined to the domain)
  • Restart computer
  • Windows Setup launches in OOBE phase ("Now we'll look for any updates").
  • MDT task sequence resumes
  • Restart computer
  • Install applications
  • Windows Updates are downloaded and installed via WSUS
  • Apply custom settings/branding
  • Task sequence wizard completes with summary screen showing any errors that were logged.

Applying an Image for a Classroom/Conference Room Computer

A task sequence to image classroom and conference room computers is available. Before a classroom PC can be imaged, the service tag for that computer must be entered into the deployment database in order for special rules to be applied to it (hostname and AD OU account placement, etc), and have the classroom task sequence assigned to it. Once the target computer's service tag is entered into the database, it will automatically start the appropriate task sequence once booted using the MDT USB drive.

Applying an Image for a Student/Lab Computer

A generic task sequence to image a student station is available. If a custom task sequence is needed for a specific student lab or area that requires special applications or settings/branding, please contact Wes Sondermann to have a custom task sequence designed.



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