What is OIT doing about spam? 

Blocking Known Spammers

OIT blocks known spammers from sending email to Valencia. We reject connections from mail servers that are listed on a particular set of "Remote Block Lists" (RBLs). This list is maintained by a widely respected non-profit organization. Anyone sending from a RBL listed server will not be able to send to Valencia and will receive a "failed delivery" message. This message also includes instructions about how to get off the list. If someone has been improperly listed, he will be made aware of the problem and have an opportunity to fix it. 



One technique which has seen great success is known as "greylisting". This mechanism causes senders to delay their messages in a manner which complies with accepted email standards. Spammers generally are unable to cooperate, and therefore their messages are not accepted. 

As a result of our greylisting efforts, you may notice some delay in receiving expected messages, particularly in the period immediately following activiation. Most of the time, these delays should be minimal, and they should only apply to the first message you receive from a particular correspondent. Please let us know if you experience any lengthy delays in received expected messages. 


Spam Filtering

OIT checks incoming email to try to determine if it is spam. We have two methods to help you filter spam from your inbox into a separate folder. No automated technique can determine with 100% accuracy if a message is spam. Check your spam folder regularly for legitimate messages that were incorrectly marked as spam, as well as to delete the actual spam after forwarding the email to the OIT-ServiceDesk. 


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