User Guide O365 Email Migration

Why is this change occurring?

A move of accounts to the O365 cloud environment provides greater email storage capacity and accessibility, thereby providing a better experience for all users.

Is my email address changing?

No. Email addresses are not changing. Your address will remain the same.

Will I lose any of my emails?

No emails will be lost. All emails that currently reside on OIT's on-premises servers will be moved, as a whole, to the new O365 cloud environment.

What can I expect while the move of my email is occurring?

The move of your email will occur during the college's closed hours. You will be provided with a window of time during which OIT will request that you not open your email. There will be no impact to your normal job functions during the move.

What can I expect after my email has been moved?

After the designated window for your move closes, you are free to resume normal email usage.

If your email was left open during the move, you will need to close or logout of Outlook (desktop or web-based) and restart the application (due to the server change).


Please continue reading the Reference Information section of this document for more details.


Reference Information

•The new O365 cloud server information is:

•Your password is the same as before the move.

•If you use Outlook's Delegates feature, you may need to check and reset your delegate settings.

•If you have bookmarked email access via a web browser, you will need to update those bookmarks.

•Your Voicemail PIN numbers may need be reset.


Please see the attached document for Device configuration and web access for users migrated to O365


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