[Microsoft Deployment Toolkit] Create/Update USB Boot Drive

Summary: In order for a new PC to be imaged with the OIT standard configuration before delivery to a user, it must be booted from bare metal using a USB flash drive, after which it will connect with the MDT server. The following instructions describe how to create a USB flash drive to use for booting a PC.

Detailed Description: Current boot images are located at \\tech\OIT-Apps\MDT\Boot Images. For each campus, there is one ISO provided:


Be aware that changes will occasionally need to be made to the boot images in the event that network/storage drivers need to be added to support a new model, or if an MDT server update necessitates an updated boot image. Boot images are generally updated on an annual cadence.


  1. Using a PC with a network connection, navigate to \\tech\OIT-Apps\MDT\Boot Images. Select the folder appropriate for your campus (West, East, or Osceola).
  2. Mount the ISO file named LiteTouchPE_MDT-xxx-x64.iso. 
  3. Copy all contents of the mounted ISO image to a FAT32-formatted flash drive (at least 16 GB capacity).
  4. Open an elevated Command Prompt window and run the following commands:
    select vol X (Replace X with the drive letter assigned to the flash drive)
    bootsect /nt60 X: /force /mbr (Replace X: with the drive letter assigned to the flash drive)
  5. Boot drive creation is completed. 

Steps to Update an Existing Boot Drive

Occasionally, updates to boot images are needed to incorporate driver sets for new models. The following are steps to update a boot drive that was created previously:

  1. Navigate to \\tech\OIT-Imaging\MDT\Boot Images\<campus>.
  2. Copy the file boot.wim to the Sources folder on your bootable flash drive (overwrite the existing file).

Boot Image Changelog

1/5/2018: Added Windows PE driver set VX00R for Precision 5520.
6/21/2017: Added drivers for Latitude 5480.
8/24/2018: Added network and storage drivers for OptiPlex 7060.
10/2019: Added WinPE driver set for Latitude 7400 2-in-1, added custom wallpaper.

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