[Office 365] SharePoint Online (site owners only) - How to I give external users access to my site?

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Follow the steps below to give access to external users (users that don't have an account with Valencia) in an O365 SharePoint online site.

  1. Log into your O365 SharePoint site and click the Share button (top right of screen)
  2. Type the external user's email address in the top field of the share dialog window
  3. Type an optional message in the second field
  4. Click the "show options" link
  5. Make sure the "send an email invitation" option is checked
  6. Select the level of access for the user(s)
    1. It is best to err on the side of less access. If you are not sure what level of access to give then please choose the visitors (read access) group and you can change it later if the user needs write access.
  7. The user will receive an email invitation with a link to the O365 SharePoint site. They must click the link within 7 days or it will expire.
  8. Once they click the link, they will have an option to log in with their personal Microsoft account or O365 account from another organization (see screen shot below).
    1. If the user doesn't have a Microsoft account, they can click on the "create a Microsoft account" link. Once their Microsoft account is set up, they can come back and log in.


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